PolyGraph News

  •  Issue 1 of our printed journal is finally here! Check with your English teacher for a copy or see it here: Poly Journal 2018
  • Support our club! Sponsor a PolyGraph to write and publish a poem for every day of April! See any club member for more details
  • Submit your writing and art to be published in our print journal this spring! The theme is Student Voices. Email your submissions to polygraphsubmissions@gmail.com
  • PolyGraphs is now on twitter: @BPI_PolyGraphs and Instagram: @bpi_polygraphs
  • Congratulations to the winners of the PolyGraphs Hope for the Holidays – Creative Writing Contest: Kelly Anderson (short story) and Savannah Zachau (poetry). Honorable mention to Gabrielle De Guire (poetry)!
  • Do you want to perform a poem or short story at our Winter Holiday Assembly? Check out the link: winter-contest-poster-hope-for-the-holidays

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