The Downfall of the State – Prologue by Savanna Zachau

In the year 2027, war broke out in the U.S.A. It was a civil war led by a group of extremists who wanted a completely new government and moral system in the country. They were led by one man and one man alone, the Boss, he was a ruthless tyrant who cared none about the consequences of his war only the outcome. It was either he had his way and the entire form of government and morals in the United States changed or under his leadership a new country would form within America.

The civil war lasted for an extensive amount of time. It spanned, in total, over seven years of bloodshed and loss for both sides of the fighting. There were some times of peace when both sides were not economically stable enough to support a war effort and therefore couldn’t possibly fight each other. The entire war left the southeastern region of America in shambles. Cities and towns were left in ruin and families were destroyed by the amount of young men and women that had to go into the military to fight the Boss’s surprisingly strong army. He had received help from some of the States’ strongest enemies while the U.S. looked to its allies for the help it needed.

All in all, the losses on both sides were far too great to count so they had to estimate the amount of bodies that laid dead in the fields. In total about 4,000,000 were killed in combat, 2,000,000 were wounded, and 500,000 were reported missing. The casualties were massive yet the Boss’s morale was unscathed. At the end of the civil war he stood tall and the U.S. backed down. It allowed the Boss to have the land that was South Carolina as land for his new country. This land and all of the people in it were taken and made into a new country simply called The State.



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