Okay by Savanna Zachau


It’s okay
No its not
Has your soul ever started to rot?
Has it withered away like a neglected flower?
Or crumbled and fallen like an abandoned tower?
You think it’s okay?
God bless the day when that statement is true.
Although the last person to understand would be you.
What’s it like living in your own little world?
A place where evil never unfurls
A place where nothing ever starts to rot
A place that I have long since forgot
Yeah it’s okay, for you
Not me
I hate it here can’t you see
No you can’t you’re blind as a bat
In my mind your worse than a rat
How dare you to pretend to see
When the only one who can is me
I don’t think I’ll last another day
I’ll give god my life on a silver tray
I’ll never again see the morning sun
It’s okay for you but my demons won