A Very, Merry White Christmas by Kelly Anderson (Winner – Creative Writing Contest: Hope for the Holidays)

It was a cold December day. The sun was shining brightly as Lyra walked to school with her friends Alex and Charlotte. It was the last day of school before winder break. They all wanted the school day to go faster, so they could go home, or in Lyra’s case, go to her grandmother’s house for Christmas.

And so they went through their classes for the day. It started to snow while they were at lunch. While Alex and Charlotte were excited by the snow, Lyra was worried. There was already so much snow on the ground, and it was falling in large amounts, so she might not be able to leave. Lyra expressed her worry to her friends, and they reassured her that the snow wouldn’t get that bad.

Despite their reassurance, the snow was steadily getting higher and higher. The day was almost over. All that was left was the Christmas assembly. It was really fun, too. There were singers, dancers, poets, and more. This year’s assembly even had a play. Lyra was so excited to go home, but just before they were dismissed, an announcement came over the loudspeaker:

Due to large amounts of snow that have blocked the entrances and exits to the school, all students will stay inside the building. Until we have cleared the doors, nobody is allowed to leave.

All of the students started to loudly complain.  I want to go home, someone said. I can walk in the snow! another student said. After the students had stopped complaining (for the most part), they decided to do other activities to occupy their time. Lyra and her friends went to the art room to make holiday-themed crafts. They were having so much fun that they forgot they wanted to leave. Spending time with her friends made Lyra realize that is wasn’t so bad being stuck there. But, it also could have been the art room’s TV.

By the time the school had been dug out, the girls had smiles on their faces. It was 7:00 at night and parents were there to get their kids. Lyra’s mom asked, Was it okay being in the school for that long? Did you have anything to do? and she replied, It was actually okay. Way better than I thought it would be. And so, she learned that you can always find some good in a seemingly bad situation.

Happy Holidays!


Holiday Cheer by Savanna Zachau (Winner – Creative Writing Contest: Hope for the Holidays)

“Twas the night before Christmas”
At least that's when we say.
That everything’s bright,
And merry,
And gay.
But spreading the cheer,
You can do everyday!

You don’t need to give presents
Or start up a fuss.
Just pass a big smile,
From you unto us.
It’s really quite simple,
It’ll fill you with glee.
Just try it, just try it
Soon you will see
Holiday cheer starts
With you and with me.


Untitled by Gabrielle De Guire (Honorable Mention – Creative Writing Contest: Hope for the Holidays)

Our love reminds me of a picture 
A picture can say a thousand words but could also leave a mystery .
But our love is like a picture, beautiful with so many stories untold 

A picture that could never be copied or replaced 
It’s crafted especially unique, perfectly complete even though it isn’t complete or upon its final stage of completion

Our love reminds me of a vintage book .
The authenticity and value it holds alone is irreplaceable .
It’s one of a kind basically, something so you unique you wouldn’t want to share it with anyone else . It isn’t something you could find easily or the next day .

It takes a lot of soul searching and heart breaking to finally find something so precious and
perfect and in one piece.
It takes a lot of patience and care taking to understand

what you’re worth or appreciate and
accept what you deserve .

That’s the thing with our love though , it’s seamless and ever flowing . Adaptable and genuine, something I can’t resist . Still find it hard to believe it still exist but I’m glad it does because it’s a vibe I’ve been missing I didn’t even know would really be there for me

I started to give up on my idea of love and what I wanted it or well expected it to be . Yet you came along took that chance , took my heart , and made me fall for you hopelessly like the biggest fool .
I think it’s the Buddhist that say if your heart beats faster when you’re with someone they aren’t the one for you , but once I met you my heart didn’t race or feel out of place . So I’ll believe we’re meant to be .

You’re something familiar , something I’m afraid to lose any day. It’s as if you were mine in the past life and found me again in this life , probably find me again in the next life . Just to repeat this love I have for you over and over again would be a blessing in this life so I’ll forever be grateful for you 

I’ll love you seamlessly and unconditionally to the end of time, even through the hardships we may face in the life. Forever is a long time but it’s the endless journey I’m willing to take with you because you see me for me and my soul, my substance that I hide . But you’re taking the time to uncover and find .