Day 1

April Fool 
by Mandy Berry

I trick myself
for long enough
to believe that nothing’s wrong
Every day,
grumble then
a smile on my face
and ignore the days when
I move at an impossible pace
and I’m burning up
burning out
too hot to touch or approach
Or when I turn to ice
at absolute zero
no movement, no hope
just as impossible
yet completely plausible
when you live in denial.

You think I need help?
What are you talking about?
I’m fine…


Insulate, or, Inform
by S.A. Bowden

Dad says
I wanted to insulate you
Mom says
We keep you informed
But how can they both be right
(They can’t, can they?)
I say
I’m in the dark
Is this what you wanted, Dad?
And if this is insulation
Is it worse to know?
But Mom
If this is keeping me informed
How much worse is insulation
Compared to this?

And my dear—–


by Cindy Ibarra

You were an art piece
I couldn’t stop looking at
Admiring the outline
And smoothly tracing
The many figures
That made you exquisite
The vivid colors calling me
Towards you
And I forever grasp such beauty
In my most vacant part
Of my



by Mya Smith

I’m as tall as a skyscraper towering over everyone below,

But I’m still as small as an ant waiting to be stepped on.

Some say I’m as a wise as an elephant,

But is say I’m as moronic as a donkey.

I am Nefertiti, regal and beautiful,

But I’m also a pauper, poor and helpless.mya

I’m a soaring eagle that is fearless,

But I’m also the fish waiting to be caught.

I am an emotional butterfly; emotions fluttering everywhere.

But others call me a cry baby; I take things to literal.

All these contradictions, but I know who I am.

I am as powerful and graceful as a mockingbird,

And I refused to be killed.


by Sam Yoseph

I observe and I wait for something that might come
Because I know in hate there’s something that can be done
As people, we must fight to know that we have won
This ongoing war by the name of oppression.

We are the same people against the same enemy
In darkness there’s a light, and that light is shown to be
Something that is feared, because we don’t really see
The change that affects the people that we will meet.

And every time you hear me cry, just know that I am strong
When you say that I will fail, I say that you are wrong
I have people by my side that are allies in my songs
That I write, to ignite the fire in our hearts.

So please don’t go, please don’t leave
Everything you’re giving back you are meant to receive
A world founded by hate, within us there is crime
and please don’t stop, and know we still have time.


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