Day 5

The Funny Thing About Okay
by S.A. Bowden

The funny thing about okay
Is that it comes and goes
In varying degrees, unexpected places, unplanned times

You have an awful few days
And then you attend some admitted students event at a swank house with nice people
Sitting in a pretty chair with a paper plate of good food
You realize you really feel like life is good is true again

You enjoy an ideal spring day
In a beautiful arboretum on a field trip
The satisfaction of a signed book in your bag, good lunch in your stomach
And sit outside, back to the sun, alone again,
Agonizing over a drawing of a girl in a hospital
Trying to portray the suffering properly

Are you okay?
Yes and no.
I don’t know.


The Rain
by Mya Smith

Looking at you through my window
You’re pouring down, pouring down.
I like to think of you as a spindle,
Spinning all around, all around.
Looking at you through the car door
Pitter, patter, pitter, patter.
I feel drops all the way to my core,
Watching all the dots scatter.
I don’t want the sun to rise,
It’s too much for my speed
The sun is what I despise,
Your darkness is all I need.


by Sam Yoseph

I love you.

I’m here.
We’re here.
I’ll try to stay.

You seem to always know how to keep me standing up,
Cradling me in your arms delicately
when I fall.

You are the instinct of this team,
Always standing alone and keeping us alert and protected.

You will find your parents, even if one is just a bit further away.
We’re going on this adventure together.
You are not alone.
You are not an outcast.

I can cry and find myself speechless.

When you say you don’t belong,
I promise you do.
As long as you live, I can be a little less alone.

I love your laugh and strange conspiracy theories,
But I can never tell if you are really happy.

I know I’ve shattered.

I’ve been here, always keeping a sure distance.
I will feel safe or loved
When grab me by the shoulders and tell me I matter.

As flames surround your stature,
I find myself enamored by your passion hidden in fury
And wonder when you will notice me.



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