Day 14

Good Friday 
by S.A. Bowden

I’ve started rereading The Phantom of the Opera
I’ve prayed
I’ve gone to church
I’ve heard the Passion narrative
I’ve seen some good in the world
I’ve heard Matthew West sing “Forgiveness”
I’ve been told forgiveness is a choice
I’ve remembered how it sets you free
I’ve bowed before the Cross
I’ve remembered my sins and God’s forgiveness and love

But still I can’t look at them
And say, “I forgive you.”


Same Earth
by Rachel Pontious

I wonder if the soldiers at Antietam could have fathomed
That on the same earth that they may have taken their last breaths
Or watched as their comrades fell around them
In a booming, smoking frenzy of shouts and screams

That one day, years and years later,
The world would be silent, the sun, shining,
The grass, soft and lush where it was once barren and bloodied.
And people would mill around historical plaques
That had been placed on top of ghosts of men
That lay dying.

But their wretched bodies had been carted away long ago.
And all that remained was the land,
Strewn with invisible scars
On this serene, peaceful day.


Planetary Love
by Sam Yoseph

Burn brightly and die,
You will live longer than I.
The sun of my life.

A future so new,
I believed I could find you.
Earth is no more blue.



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