Day 16

Easter Wishstick
by Mandy Berry

Mom handed me the vegan jerky.
“Use them like a wishbone,” she said.
“Pull them apart.”
I took the package to my room,
wondering just what
to wish for.
What would cure me,
fix my worldview,
heal me and my parents’ relationship?
What could I wish for?
And why did I think
two strips of vegan jerky
would help?

I tore open the package
and the wishstick fell apart
in my hands.


by S.A. Bowden

Now the green blade rises, they say
Alleluia and lilies and candles
Promises of mercy and new hearts
My broken heart looks up, hearing this
I hold it in my hands
Standing in the dark tomb
Just outside the reach of the new light
I had let Easter fill in the cracks and holes inside of me in the moment
But now I’m not so persuaded
I need to take care of myself

Do I come into the light and pretend the dark is not there, ready to overpower me again?
Do I accept a new heart that I know all too well can be broken just as easily?


by Sam Yoseph

  1. I want to be loved.
    I want to feel safe and sound
    Absolutely unconditionally,
    Even though it may be profound.

    I want to meet someone,
    And not with a purpose in mind
    Other than to make a new friend
    And be as impossibly kind.

    I want to feel unstoppable.
    Someone pushing me to my dream,
    And forcing me to believe it myself.
    I want to be and feel seen.


    I want to travel the world.
    I want to see Spain and France
    And Germany and Russia
    And Japan and just dance.

    I want to meet the culture,
    And get to know the people
    I’ve lived a lifetime on earth with
    and begin to write my sequel.

    I want to create something great.
    Make an impact on this tiny planet,
    And just take a train or boat.
    I want to begin my journey in transit.


    I want to go to space.
    I want to feel the stars
    At the grasp of my hand,
    But I know it’s awfully far.

    I want to meet aliens,
    and discover new species,
    But also remember
    The sweet taste of home in lychee.

    I want to colonize a planet.
    Make something completely new,
    And unforgettable.
    I want a fresh start too.


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