Day 18

by S.A. Bowden

Strange how we manage
We live together and we
Don’t know each other


My Confessions, part 1
by Mya Smith

Hi, my name is Mya
I’m 15 but I sometimes act
Like I’m 5 years old.
I still watch Dora sometimes,
I still read Junie B. Jones books.
I still sing Disney songs from the early 2000s.
These are my confessions.

I’m Mya.
I am 5 feet, 8 inches.
I’m tall but not supermodel tall
So, I try to make myself
5 feet 11 with 3 inch heels.
This is what I do.
These are my confessions.

Sometimes I cry at nights,
I cry if someone didn’t talk to me.
I overthink everything.
I am a control freak.
I am a perfectionist.
I am an introvert.

I love to make people jealous.
I hate dirty dishes.
I love the small things in life.
I want to find true love.
I am Mya, and these are my


Fallen Ears, Flying Eyes
Sam Yoseph

I sit at my seat,
Waiting for the show to start.
My vision of the stage is blocked
By someone much taller.

Inhale, exhale, come on.
You can do this.
The spotlight is shining
As you ready yourself to talk.

I lose my only reliable sense.
At least for an event like this.
My friend nudges me and flails
To switch seats.

The lights outside dim,
Allowing the orchestra to come in.
I am slightly deafened by
The loud cheers and claps.

I wait for the performance,
Arms crossed and eyes focused.
My ears are numb
And I don’t listen to the music.

Ready, set, go.
The music picks up.
I talk just as loud to the audience
As I dance wildly on the stage.

My heart thumps.
The dancers begin to move.
I cannot hear anything
But yet I still feel the emotion.

I hope I can express myself,
At least enough for understanding.
Unable to do so normally,
I continue on chattering.

My eyes catch the gaze of one,
Their movements frantic.
However so graceful,
I am able to hear their voice.


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