Day 19

If You’re Trying to Comfort Me
by S.A. Bowden

Don’t say
You are strong
I am tired of being strong.  I don’t want to be strong anymore.

Don’t say
You can handle it
Let’s see you try.

Don’t say
Everything’s okay now
That’s what they told me before.

Don’t say
Everything will be okay in the end
What is okay?  What is the end?  How do you know?

Don’t say
It will get better
It already happened.  It’s not getting better.

Don’t say
You will not break, you are unbreakable
I already broke.  Several times.  And still I break
When I thought I could not break anymore.


Confessions, part two
by Mya Smith

Hi, I’m Mya.
These are my confessions.
I am selfish.
I mostly think of myself and my well-being.
I secretly want to go to a boarding school.
My gas smells good to me.
I’m kind of attracted to older guys…
I love being alone.
I can eat a quart of ice cream in a span of an hour.
I don’t hate anyone.
Cooking shows are my guilty pleasures.
Barbie is still my idol.
I’m 165 pounds and size 10 shoe.
School lunch tastes good to me.
I want to be a vampire.
I love rap music.
I dance seductively in my room.
I should be in the 10th grade.
I laugh a lot to prevent wrinkles.
I love food more than people.
I still sleep with stuffed animals.
I want a friend for life.
I want to be someone else.
I am Mya and these are my


Baker’s Dozen
by Sam Yoseph

The smell of coffee
And toasting bagels.
A box of donuts
Is filled for a family of three.

The bell at the door
Rings kindly to allow entrance.
The sight of strawberry shortcake
And dusted tiramisu.

The feeling of warm tea
And a cozy winter.
Snow piles up outside
As you lean into the seat.

A girl lines up
To order for her friends.
The sound of giddy laughter
And hushed whispers.

The sight of busy mornings
And slow afternoons.
The cafe is locked up
At the stroke of midnight.


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