Day 23

Composed at 11:59pm 
by Mandy Berry

Don’t you hate it when
you slave away at something
for hours, days, maybe weeks,
when you push your mind
but your mind pushes back,
and nothing gets done,
nothing can possibly get done
until a minute before midnight,
of the day when
you should be finished?


Day of Silence
by S.A. Bowden

Dedicated to those we honor on Day of Silence


It was a strange feeling
Waking up last Friday
Remembering I could not speak

I was walking to school when I realized
I forgot my whiteboard at home
(The one I use to communicate today)
So I wrote on a notepad from my locker
I pointed, clapped, gestured, acted out, waved my arms wildly
To try to get my point across

In matter and energy
Nearly everyone was gone
Enjoying themselves on the class trip
Now we few remain
Measuring current, voltage, and resistance
On a potentiometer rigged to a little solar panel
Two kids started speaking against Ingenuity kids
I made indignant gestures, but
I could not speak in defense of my kind

Can we talk to Miss Nelson today?
I wrote the question on a page
And handed it to the girl who found me
She asked, “Do you want to wait?”
I fervently shook my head no
I was done putting it off
In Mr. Lorenzo’s office, the three of us sat down
The girl, the counselor, and me
The counselor prompted, “What’s going on?”
The room exploded with my broken silence and heart





by Mya Smith

Just because you’re alone
Doesn’t mean you’re lonely.
A friend told me this once.
She’s a happy one.
For me however, I feel most
Alone when in a crowd of beings.
And I feel the loneliest
When surrounded.
This may be for everyone.
I’m not unique. I’m just lonely.
When with my own company
However, I feel complete.
I have fun with myself.
My parents are here too,
But they have their own issues.
They shouldn’t have to
Worry about me and my petty problems.
Being an only child is difficult.
Having a singular wit is hard too.
Never feeling attractive is painful.
Crying at night is not fun.
Have you ever felt lonely?
The kind of lonely that leaves
You feeling like there’s nothing left?
Like you are just dead inside?
I know I have…


by Sam Yoseph

The journey starts in sleep,
And my eyes begin to close.
My hair tied up and adorned
With little small white bows.

My home with my momma
And my brother are surrounded
By a white picket fence
That our founding fathers founded.

Our home has a playground
In the back with a yard.
And every year, from our aunt,
We get a Christmas card.

I go to school and study,
But not hard enough to break.
Cause my momma’s got the money,
And she keeps it in a safe.

Rainbows in the air as we
Hold flags and be glad.
Our pride is on our shoulders.
There is no need to hold back.

I am proud to be a woman
And have equal rights to all.
I march towards my future,
As it’s my name it starts to call.

It’s time to wake up, people,
Global warming’s not an act.
Here’s to pointing toward the science
and a list of all the facts.

We can walk in the streets
Without fear of being shot.
Oh no, oh my god,
Honey, I almost forgot.

This is America, remember?
The country of the free.
Just forget about the people
That are dying on the streets.

Our names are now determined
By our gender or our race.
And your struggle doesn’t matter
Cause hey, you’re in the States.

But, wait, just stop,
Cause I have some news for you.
Those that are oppressing you
Are also oppressed too.

I am here to tell you
That you just gotta hold on
Cause this life is all we got
And it’s all we can go on.

We can only cross our fingers
And hope that it gets better.
But if you can’t, then I get
Why you left a written letter.

I crawl and grasp the water
As it hold my neck and chokes me.
The violent waves foresees
My destiny to breathe sea.

My hands clench tight
And I’m reaching for the roots.
I am free falling through the air
Without a parachute.

Darkness falls upon me and
I cry for your sake.
My eyes begin to open and
The journey ends in wake.


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