Day 24

Counselor #3

by S.A. Bowden

To Counselors #1, #2, and #3

Let’s talk about conflict analysis
Give me an example of a conflict 
Could be your family, your friends, real, imaginary, whatever
I sat hands in my lap
Trying to make something up
But the real conflict pushed to the front and refused to back down
(Fine, I’ll use you)
I gave her a vague, slightly altered version, awkward
What caused the conflict?  
(How should I know?)
A lack of communication?
(We’ll say that.  Simplicity.)
When did this happen?  
Several times.  Twice.  A note of bitterness that tasted somehow sweet.
Time, talk, topic
Let’s act it out.  I’m you, you’re your mother.  I’m very upset that you kept this from me.  
I sat there trying to think like my mother
Who said We keep you informed
(Never mind the fact that they didn’t tell me for a long time
And even then they watered it down and kept some things to themselves)
Who never told me why except for privacy
Who I sometimes worry will be upset that I’m telling counselors about our “something private”
I came up empty as my hands, except some tears welling up (again)
I mumbled, I don’t know
She tried to dig out some idea
To no avail
She told me (like counselor #1 and #2) to talk to them
And gave me a question sheet
Last question: How could this conflict be prevented?  
I remembered suddenly the acronym I saw in AP calculus BC


School Blossoms
by Rachel Pontious

You wouldn't think such beautiful things could exist
Within a school that lacks soap in certain bathrooms.
And yet, there they are in the quad,
Two blossoming cherry trees.

Their boughs are teeming with rosy pink petals
As if they were clutching fistfuls of cotton candy.
Individual petals flutter to the ground
Whenever a gust of wind makes the trees shudder.

Until a carpet of vibrant velvet
Coats the ground entirely, a dazzling scene
Proven to garner a significant amount
Of Instagram likes.

Every April, at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, the trees perform
This brief wonder,
Beckoning us to stand on the carpet, 
Take some photographs,
And savor this time between classes
Before the bell scrapes its gravely noise
And the petals turn inevitably to decaying brown


by Mya Smith

Inspiration is a strong thing.
I don’t feel that right now.
I don’t know why.
I’m surrounded by inspiring
Entities every day.
I try to find beauty…
In people, in nature, in me.
It doesn’t work.
It never works.
Trying to find something
That doesn’t want to be found…
It’s pointless and disappointing.


by Sam Yoseph

Aliens are obviously real.
It can’t be possible
That we’re the only
Intelligent life forms.


Atlantis exists.
There are still living beings
That wallow in the land,
And lost sailors are just new villagers.

And mermaids are also real.
More than 95% of the ocean
Has been unexplored, so

How are there not human-fish hybrids?

Dragons are- were real.
They definitely existed
Back before the medieval times
and when dinosaurs roamed.


Parallel universes depends.
The choices we make influences
Every path we take towards
A whole new realm of possibilities.

The Kraken is totally real.
It still roams the seas today,
And works with the Bermuda Triangle
To seek revenge on its credibility.

Time travel is possible.
But no one can truly go to
the future or the past because
you are taken from the present.

Mothman is pretty cool.
And he may or may not be real.
But at least he tells us
When danger might be near.

Bigfoot is debatable.
Cause who says it’s can’t just be
Another guy in a furry suit?
But he could be a past human.
People with powers live with us.
They coincide with everyone,
Being taught from a young age
How to lie and blend in.

The Phoenix lives forever
In the skies above to protect itself.
It doesn’t wish to be shot down
Or used as an experiment for data.


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