Day 28

by S.A. Bowden

We watched The Silence of the Lambs in forensics
I am a big girl now
I’m not afraid of scary stories like I used to be

But when the guard got his skull smashed in
Blood all over the floor
I covered my ears, instinctively
And that voice in my head I knew well
It’s just pretend it’s just pretend it’s just pretend

The scariest part
Was the fingernail on the wall
With the blood left in stripes
Like a prisoner’s hopeless tallies
From women trying to claw their way out
That’s such a scary phrase
Claw their way out
And Catherine crying and screaming
All alone
No way out

The image haunts me
And makes me reach for my Elmo



More Than a Trilogy
by Sam Yoseph

Book One
Speaks of a traveller
Who carries stories
Filled with adventure.

Book Two
Speaks of a sister
Who purchases tales
Sprinkled with romance.

Book Three
Speaks of a child
Who creates paint
Matched with blooms.

Book Four
Speaks of a merchant
Who sells pictures
Scented with rain.

Book Five
Speaks of a taker
Who takes time
Wasted with others.

Book Six
Speaks of a giver
Who gives life
Granted with love.


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