Day 30: The Last Day!

One Month Later (day 30)
by Mandy Berry

Not much has changed
except for the weather.
I’m still
a living Jenga game,
prone to screaming and hitting lockers
and locking my thoughts away
until someone pays me for them.

Now I’m being paid for them,
and there’s only half a record of me;
some poems on a website with zero traffic,
and a few more in a notebook,
along with unfinished
and crossed out
about why my thoughts have relapsed
and how a pulsing purple dubstep rock track
can sustain me more
than therapy.

Certainly not enough for anyone to see
who I am.
Nonetheless, here I am,
here’s my poetry,
and through rising unbreakable apathy,
I wonder:

Was this worth it?


Before the Month is Over
by S.A. Bowden


To my readers and sponsors
Also homage to Edgar Allan Poe and Rupi Kaur

I need to tell you
You have stayed with me for
Thirty days and thirty poems
(A Lent of sorts, perhaps?)
I almost can’t believe I did it
When I thought I was not much of a poet
Yet here we are
With a collection of words strung into poems
That maybe don’t even make sense to you
They illuminate these captured moments of this tumultuous month

Through roller coaster highs
And lows that hit me like a baseball
I wrote
Through experiences past and present
Both all too relevant
I wrote
Through sickness and fainting
And through long and active days
I wrote
In moments with only three lines of inspiration
And those with lines and lines pouring out of my pen
I wrote
On topics as huge as God
And as humble as a penciled drawing
I wrote
On spring mornings
And in the last hours of night
I wrote
Poems that were more eloquent, personal, polished
And those composed hastily with no revisions
I wrote
Each a literary mosaic tile
A piece of me
I think I will miss these little intimate moments

Because of you I have written about
Girls, dolls, grief, toilets, silence, religion, despair, college, anger, weather, joy, high school, forgiveness, suffering, and more
The external and internal fused together
Because of you
I have reached into myself
And spilled the contents of my heart
Poured shot glasses of my soul
I hope you like the taste
I have shared my innermost thoughts and feelings with you
Do you realize how dangerous and comforting, how terrible and beautiful that is

You put my hand to the paper to feel a beating heart again
And made me rediscover these bits of love
When I thought I wouldn’t or shouldn’t really love again

I hope I have given you a little something in return
I hope one of these poems strikes a chord with you
Or makes you think, or inspires some feeling
Or brings you a moment of pleasure

You have done so much for me
That the words seem so inadequate
But there are no more poems
So all I can say now is
Thank you

❤   S. A. B.


by Sam Yoseph

My strong, daring soldier,
Spread your wings and learn to fly.
I’m here to let you know
That it never hurts to try.

Look into the windows to my soul
And see what lies behind.
We don’t have enough reason
To see if we had crossed a line.

We don’t know the meaning
Of our reason to exist,
Though I must continue to insist
It’s so much more than this.

This is our world to conquer,
And our world to change.
If you want to make a difference,
Make the world know your name.

You got power by the deepest,
Darkest, depths of your soul.
So continue to grow to
Let this generation be known.

We are the kids of the future,
We are shaking in our steps.
We are still here unable
To fight alone with what we kept.

Remember who you have,
Your allies above all.
Don’t go down, don’t surrender,
The enemy will fall.

Stand strong with what you have,
And give it all you got.
Believe me, I’m fighting too,
This battle won’t be naught.

Our purpose is still,
We’re here to create.
Curse the people that say otherwise.
You choose your own fate.

We are strong, we are powerful,
We matter, we will glow.
Fight society’s shambles
With all that you know.

We will stand here victorious,
Courage by our side.
Because finally we felt
What it feels like to fly.

[this is a thanks.

to all the people that have made me who i am today.

i’ve become a more confident person that is less afraid of what people think of her. it’s easier to smile and do my best to inspire others to shine.

this is me saying i will be there for you, if necessary.

many people have influenced me and my life in many different ways, and i want to be a change in someone else’s life too.

so this is for those that told me i mattered and that reminded me every day that life is good. i can go to sleep every night knowing that there will always be better days.

i’m still a dreamer. and i hope you are too.]


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