Dreams & Reality by Takeyah McCrae

In my life I have drawn many places, themes and worlds. But it’s not the worlds I have drawn that connect to me the most. It is the characters I put into that world. I make stories with them, ranging from their daily lives, to fierce battles between them. No matter what, they seem to connect to me in a way.

All the characters I have drawn have connections to me or others. Their looks, hobbies and personality seem to match up to someone in my life. Here is only but a few examples. I’ll keep it brief.

“The Dark”: A self portrait. Has all the same problems I have. The only difference is that she uses magic. She can manage to get things done, despite a small magic pool to cast spells from. Samuel Axxe: A teenage boy packing some serious tech. Despite being smart, he seems to let his emotions get the better of him, leading to poor decisions.

Rider: An alien fairing from a tropical world. Loves what he does, which is running, dancing and eating mangos.

Everyday, I keep thinking about them constantly, especially if I am listening to music. Sadly they can’t come into the real world. But then again, it could be a good thing. The bad characters have to stay in one place. Most of these seem to be negative situations or thoughts created into physical beings. Here are characters that fit into a problem. Or are a kind of bad person. Tyrants: Wolfgang, JenkuClon.

Shells of who they once were/ Wearing a mask: All corrupted characters, Knightmare, DJ Red, GrimBeast, Whitescale Iggs, Any character that has been twisted into a monster, Hayekat, Devil Knight London.

Can’t overcome problems: Amelia, Konga.

Overcome by madness: GrimBeast(again), Zenith, Kola(borderline).

If I were to list everything wrong which I feel in my life, and the characters that can be applied to them, we’d be here all day.
When I am asleep, sometimes I dream about them. It may be positive or negative, it depends on what I have been thinking about. From a jungle adventure gone south, to fighting over a game, to someone I know talking to GrimBeast about his mental health. I can’t understand the context of these dreams, but I know they have to do something with my life.

I honestly think I have too many characters and some need to be scrapped. They stay on my roster, the cannon I made in my head until I lose interest in them. Maybe they have no part in my life anymore.

Out of 252 characters…
Only 60 have great intelligence,
With 17 being exceptional…
But only one truly expresses who I am.


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