My Life in USA by Hannah Masaki

It has been already 6months since I came to America for the exchange student from Japan for an year. I came here for the exchange program called AFS. I am having a really wonderful time with my host family and my friends at school.

Before I came to America, a lot of things were going on with my family and I had a really hard time. I was the only student who study abroad from my school in Japan so I needed a big decision. I didn’t know anybody in Poly so I couldn’t imagine how the school life is gonna be like.

During the summer vacation, I spent most of the time with my family or AFS students friends. My host mom is a really active person so she took me to a lot of places. Since I had no work to do at all, it was a great time playing and make a great relationship between host family and friends.

On the first day of school, I went to guidence office and decided which class I am gonna take. I was really nervous at that time but then one student showed me all of the classrooms and she told me a lot about school life. She is really friendly and answered any questions I ask. I tried to talk and communicate with people as much as possible during the first week but after that, everyone came toward me and talked to me a lot. I was so glad that everyone was really talkative.

The thing that was hard for me first was to get used to the school systems. The school rules or style is really different from my school in Japan so it was hard for me to get used to it. One of them is to move classes every hour. I was staying in one classroom and teacher comes every hour in Japan so I felt really rush between the classes. Also first or second month, I was struggling finishing my homework everyday so much I think because of the language difference. There is more homework than I expected so I was tired everyday. But now, I think I get used to it for all of the things so I have enough time to finish homework and talk with my host family.

One more thing this that I am trying hard is to not to waste my stay in America, I am using only English. I try not to talk with my friends or family in Japan so I have never used Japanese after I came here with them. Instead of that, I am watching a lot of English classical movies or listening to a lot of English music. It is very hard for me to hear people talking in movies or radios or even people singing songs but I am trying hard and learning many words or phrases from them. I think it is the best way to learn English from these. Also when I am talking with my host mom, I have many words that I can understand but she always explain me gently so that I can get her what she is saying. Not only her but also many people around me do the same things for me so I feel comfortable talking with all the people.

The biggest thing that involves me a lot in here is Music. I have been playing the piano since I was in kindergarten and also my family in Japan is also loves classical music or instruments. I thought it normal to have music around me a lot but after I came here, not everyone is involved to the music. So since my host mom is learning banjo, I started learning it with her from August every week. Also I take piano lessons once a month with a wonderful teacher. I am taking band class at school and also member of the jazz club. When I write down like this, I am surprised how much the music involves my life. I am also very glad to have played the piano in Winter Showcase. Every time I play the piano, my friends or audiences look really happy and praise me a lot so I am really glad to hear it. My host mom and me go to bluegrass jam once in two weeks and we meet many people bringing our own instruments. Music, make people closer. Music make people happy. These two things are the biggest thing that I thought after I came here for music and there is no border for music between countries.

I have much more things that I want to talk about to everyone but I think I should stop around here. I really love talking about Japanese culture or about me, also sharing opinions with my friends so if you see me at school, please talk to me. I am willing to talk with everyone!!!!



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