Untitled by Ifasoke Owens

It isn’t just a platonic influence on religion and its heaven. Creation myths, the A3 paper, and even a critique on a certain Puritan society all derive themselves from an inherent desire for perfection. American society today is another testament to one’s need for perfection to exist, for it serves society as the eternal and ever-distancing obstacle that gives us the purpose to push forward. One shall not undertake this journey of finding the existence of perfection along with whether mankind is capable of such a thing, whether mankind really desires such a thing, and hold sanity all the while. Let one risk his or her own reality to search for such an existence.

2. From Saint Augustine to Hawthorne, independent of the religious similarities in their works, and makes evident the innate selfishness of man, philosophies have been spurred by the life experiences of the author. What is perhaps inescapable but certainly at times inexcusable is these life experiences becoming a pillar for all succeeding beliefs. Augustine’s confessions may have been inadvertent in influencing future religions and the corresponding millions of followers, but such is the case of these works. Nietzsche’s Will of Power is often misused and misrepresented, but such is the case of influential productions of thought. Despite his abhorrence of Nazis and their actions, his works have often been used as a justification for their actions, and regrettably transform Nietzsche into a Nazi in the eyes of some historians. This specific incident isn’t as important compared to the indirect effect of a singular, specific experience of ONE MAN on the millions of people that follow said man’s following philosophy from said experience. This is a phenomenal danger to the purity of individual thought. Potential danger finds itself throughout this means of spreading ideas. Think on the success of prominent people.

Avoiding hypocrisy, then, seems futile in this regard as there is only one way all have known to learn from others, to selectively scrape for any information deemed useful, to even do the opposite and completely digest every piece of information given. As all have done on or the other, what can be said for the purity of truth? As all before have learned in this manner, should a pure truth have existed at all? Again perfection maddens those who seek both its origin and its future. Again faith is needed where it should not be necessary.

All one must do to notice the magnitude of this mesmerizing flower in bloom is see the hold of all people that notice its intoxicating smell, its seductive beauty.


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