Blue Bloods of Baltimore by Christian Pearson

And this is Rigamortis and it’s gorgeous when you die
Fox News report it, truth distorted, spreadin’ rumors, tellin’ lies
We out the orbit, Annie orphaned, or else we’re bein’ fetishized
Kings and Queens by design, but all we see is our decline
Climax where we began, but here you stand on Cloud 9
But then of course cuz now you morphed into an angel in the sky
Melania forging Michele’s signatures, her listeners replied
And tell me that you bitin style, that never ending appetite
But we gon’ be here for a while, so buckle up before the ride
Or knuckle up, cuz we can fight
You still rememba’ ‘dem Baltimore riots?
Our people’s cries are suitable and usual, it’s genocide
Our city’s finest still infested with supremacists disguised
(He dead, amen)
Here’s what they tellin’ me
Made post-mortem celebrities
Forget killer cops’ felonies
Ceremonies, had many
Pigs deadlier than vasectomy
Killin’ all of our kids before our kids had a chance to breathe
Dead ‘em all, that’s their specialty
But can’t even leave their mother voicemail
To say that they rest in peace
So bigger chopper our recipe
Wrestling? That’s irrelevant
Ain’t enough at your residence
To take on the BPD
Thugs and hood rats all blue bloods see
Better be on your P and Q
Courts and judges, they got ‘em too
Justice system is barbecue
Nothing else you can do

Adapted from “Rigamortis” by Kendrick Lamar


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