Love & Pain by Shaivai Finch

In this house there was a shelf, and on this shelf was a locked box. A locked box filled with secrets, secrets of love and pain locked away. The box was old and dark, and the key was lost. The hopes and dreams of love were long gone, locked away forever. This box was given a new meaning, fear. Fear to love, fear of pain, and fear of being open ever again. If the key were to ever to be found, the love and pain would resurface and the house would break. The new bright colored house would break. The youthful desires would die inside and love would cease to exist, being crushed by the pain. Being open is a risk that not many are willing to take, not even in a house built for human mistakes. New life changes when introduced to the old customs of love. The phrase love is pain is a truth not many know of, but in that house pain was love and love was a mistake. Promises were meant to be broken and then locked away. Lock up those feelings and put them on a shelf and hide them inside something more beautiful than itself.


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