What is Love? What Kind Is It? by Jaylyn Smith


It is surely a passion
No doubt about that.
Love is not just erotic
It’s way more than that,
And that’s a fact.

Seven types of love
All from Heaven above
Teaches you the difference
Of lust, love, and being in love.

It’s not always about loving everyone else.
How are you supposed to love others?
When you can’t even love yourself?

The most unconditional of them all
Great example, we all were sinning,
And for us, Jesus took the fall.

Storge, Philia, and Pragma
All somewhat of the same.
In the end, there will always be someone there for you,
And you certainly can’t complain.

A playful love
Teaches you to ease up and have fun.
To help you be happy,
It helps you become closer with anyone.

And lastly there’s Eros
The most common and used.
For lust and being in love,
In love with your muse.

In the end,
Love is patient and love is kind.
Love definitely makes the world go round.
It makes world just fine.


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