20000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jadon Davis

Free verse…but only ten syllable lines
Not enough to get my point across so I’ll have to be sporadic…almost intrigued,
Lost in a word like I’m 20000 Leagues Under the Sea
A siege of ideas ram into my head leaving me no air to breath
20000 leagues under hater’s derbies
Alone in solitude with only my thoughts
But when I was down there I learned something that couldn’t be bought
LIFE…its crap isn’t it…
But you could never be too sure about it
I view life as more of a hater
Always bringing you down, making you feel like a sucker,
Shoots you in your knees and leaves you in a gutter.
You now have a war to fight so you get up and form a militia!
Life backstabs you again,
Life you MuthaF…..!!!!
Then it’s a horror story.
You fall and you fall and you keep falling and on the way down you have family recallings
People who say “Don’t follow in my footsteps.”
Remember the ones you kept ignoring!
Then SMACK! You hit the water like a Thunderclap!
Descending faster and faster by the second while you cough and hack
You try to swim back up but Life has a weight on your back!
20000 Leagues Under the Sea alone with my memories
Memories of pain, strife, neglect, and death…
But no one wants to hear that.
I don’t want to be a weakling,
This class is only as strong as its weakest link and that’s not me!
I tear off the weight!
I let go of false friends!
I shed this fake façade!
I continue to struggle!
But if you know anything about water… the more you struggle
The faster you drown, and yet I smile
I look dead at the ocean of life and its pretty little crow.
I look it up and down and it frowns
Life screams “Why won’t you drown!”
I yell back as loud as my body will allow
No suicide
Pills of cyanide,
Glass in my eyes
Stab in the back
Punch in the gut on the ground I writhe
I Will Survive
And I will thrive
Like Mya Angelou, I rise
Answering to no man, I rise
Making my own stand, I rise
Creating the timeless history of me, I rise.
Life is only a stepping stool to thrive
Because later I’ll be in eternity with The King on high


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