Mental Oasis by Tirek Williams

The mind’s an oasis
And this place is the foundation
For planted seeds of poetry.
And based on greed,
They will not grow.
But based on need,
Results will show.

At their roots will be the fruits,
And inside each, a forgotten truth
Or a memory lost,
A broken thought,
In the sea of ideas
That we float across.


Writer’s Block by Tirek Williams

There is one thing, you see,
That has often stopped me
From plucking the fruits of poetry.

Writer’s Block,
It has often stopped,
My lucrative train of thought
And from idea to idea,
I’m caught in a fog,
Trapped in a cage of broken monologue.

I love to write
But late at night
Those few lines I have,
I’ve soon fogot.
Yet if not for my tenacity,
Would writer’s block get the best of me.

So I will not cease
Placing pen to pad,
For all it’s worth, I’d rather be dead.
And to my mind, does writing bring peace.
Oh writer’s block,
Thou art a conquered beast.


20000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jadon Davis

Free verse…but only ten syllable lines
Not enough to get my point across so I’ll have to be sporadic…almost intrigued,
Lost in a word like I’m 20000 Leagues Under the Sea
A siege of ideas ram into my head leaving me no air to breath
20000 leagues under hater’s derbies
Alone in solitude with only my thoughts
But when I was down there I learned something that couldn’t be bought
LIFE…its crap isn’t it…
But you could never be too sure about it
I view life as more of a hater
Always bringing you down, making you feel like a sucker,
Shoots you in your knees and leaves you in a gutter.
You now have a war to fight so you get up and form a militia!
Life backstabs you again,
Life you MuthaF…..!!!!
Then it’s a horror story.
You fall and you fall and you keep falling and on the way down you have family recallings
People who say “Don’t follow in my footsteps.”
Remember the ones you kept ignoring!
Then SMACK! You hit the water like a Thunderclap!
Descending faster and faster by the second while you cough and hack
You try to swim back up but Life has a weight on your back!
20000 Leagues Under the Sea alone with my memories
Memories of pain, strife, neglect, and death…
But no one wants to hear that.
I don’t want to be a weakling,
This class is only as strong as its weakest link and that’s not me!
I tear off the weight!
I let go of false friends!
I shed this fake façade!
I continue to struggle!
But if you know anything about water… the more you struggle
The faster you drown, and yet I smile
I look dead at the ocean of life and its pretty little crow.
I look it up and down and it frowns
Life screams “Why won’t you drown!”
I yell back as loud as my body will allow
No suicide
Pills of cyanide,
Glass in my eyes
Stab in the back
Punch in the gut on the ground I writhe
I Will Survive
And I will thrive
Like Mya Angelou, I rise
Answering to no man, I rise
Making my own stand, I rise
Creating the timeless history of me, I rise.
Life is only a stepping stool to thrive
Because later I’ll be in eternity with The King on high

Painting Flowers for the Dead by Juno Adekunle

Bloody Nose
Black Bones
Broken Homes
Bright Blossoms

Wondering if they found the corpse in your closet
Wondering if this is all you can offer the world

Your soul too small for this body
Your skin sags sloppy
Your blood stays sloshin’
….in all the wrong places

Is this all you can offer the world?

Bodies in the Closet
Flowers on the Grave
Pills down the throat
to Calm the Brain

Bodies in the Closet
Flowers on the Grave
The funeral is empty. Nobody came.

Bright Blossoms
Broken Homes
Black Bones
Bloody Bullets

Wondering if they notice the roses on the casket
Wondering if they notice the murder weapon in your jacket
Wondering if This is all you can offer the world

Bodies in the Closet
Flowers on the Grave

Don’t you remember me? The one you couldn’t save?

Bodies in the Closet
Flowers on the Grave
I painting flowers on the dead to hide their pain
Is this all I can offer the world?

Beautiful by Shaivai Finch

I don’t want to be pretty or cute, but to be beautiful and exquisite to those who could see me true. I want my mind to be the main attraction at my show, rather than the curves I do not show. And I want to have a mind and a heart, a heart and a soul. I want you guys to find me whole, not half empty begging for my holes to be closed. I want to be full of life and have a bursting soul. And not only do I want to be thick in my thighs but also to be thick in depth with my thoughts. I want to be admired for the beauty inside rather than my outer exterior. I’m ready to first open my heart and not my legs, because at least then I know there’s a reason he pledged. And I’m sure what he pledged was true, I just need to know I can be Beautiful too.

Love & Pain by Shaivai Finch

In this house there was a shelf, and on this shelf was a locked box. A locked box filled with secrets, secrets of love and pain locked away. The box was old and dark, and the key was lost. The hopes and dreams of love were long gone, locked away forever. This box was given a new meaning, fear. Fear to love, fear of pain, and fear of being open ever again. If the key were to ever to be found, the love and pain would resurface and the house would break. The new bright colored house would break. The youthful desires would die inside and love would cease to exist, being crushed by the pain. Being open is a risk that not many are willing to take, not even in a house built for human mistakes. New life changes when introduced to the old customs of love. The phrase love is pain is a truth not many know of, but in that house pain was love and love was a mistake. Promises were meant to be broken and then locked away. Lock up those feelings and put them on a shelf and hide them inside something more beautiful than itself.

Disillusionment by Diamond Maye

Brown as days are long
Mystery floods the lands
Enchanting them
Craving your warmth
As I gave into thee.
Dawn awaits to witness
Your love for such beauty yet you
Are caught with another
For closed judgment has lead
Me to dark depths of betrayal.

A Forbidden Fruit by Diamond Maye

Beautiful round perfection to a T
Looks the shade of nilla and warm honey
The ripest fruits could not compare to thee
Feelings I get inside are quite fuzzy
Feeling the softness of a baby’s calf
I caress the pillows made of cotton
Lemon heads my tongue embrace while I chaff
Sprinkled lollipops never forgotten
You tasted of sweet fresh honey one hot day
Tastes that caused the launch of a thousand ships
Tasting the rich caramel taste of you bae
Saving the best part of them last: the tips
I am so lucky to of had your love
My sweet forever, my beautiful dove

Anxiously Awaiting Death by Diamond Maye

White clouds of safety filled the little room
A room built for the safety of the lonely one
There, the thoughts act as a sickening fume
It is there where no such harm can be done
Not being able to torture oneself
The only torture left within these walls
You despise what you can’t do to yourself
You are anxious for death to end it all
Know-it-alls observe with pen and paper
Trying to whip up a diagnosis
Hoping the bad thoughts clear up like vapor
Yet fail at giving the right prognosis
Whispers of hopelessness cry from within
Knowing all you want is for it to end


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